Nokia E7 Up for Pre-Order in the UK; Pricing Details Revealed

March 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia freaks, this one is for you! Who doesn’t know you were all eagerly waiting for the Nokia E7 smartphone to make a retail appearance? The wait seems to be waning as Nokia UK has put the device on pre-order.

With the device now getting official and placing itself on pre-order mode, let us get into a few more details. We hear the Finnish phone maker has clicked open pre-orders for the Symbian^3 slider phone and will get it ready for shipping by April. Oh, that means it is just round the bend!

What do you expect to pocket once you decide to get hold of the device? Let us list down the prominent specs for you:

  • Symbian^3
  • 4-inch 16:9 nHD AMOLED touch screen
  • Full side out QWERTY keyboard
  • 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and 720p video
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI
  • WiFi.
  • Integrated GPS
  • Ovi Maps navigation

All these and an amazing mobile experience can now be pre ordered at the Nokia page. Once you head for the pre-order page, you will know that the Nokia E7 come to you as a free handset on a 2-year agreement for £35 per month on Vodafone. That deal will includes 600 anytime minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data with a delivery time of up to 14 days. Doesn’t that sound cool?

In case you would want to get hold of the E7 on pay-as-you-go mode, you will have to shell out £469 on the T-Mobile network. You will also be offered the phone off-contract for £499.00 plus a 2-year warranty.

Tell us if you are among the first ones to catch hold of the amazing piece of technology from the Nokia labs. Wonder why we said amazing? Click the play button below and you will know why!

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