Angry Birds Rio set for release on webOS & Symbian April 8: Android exclusivity to end soon

March 25, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Just a few days back Amazon Appstore for Android opened with the exclusive rights to Angry Birds Rio and while Android users will only be able to get the latest edition of Angry Birds from the Amazon Appstore, others can join in on the fun very soon as well.

A tie up with the movie Angry Birds Rio that should be out sometime soon, the game is already a hit on android and it is making its way on to Symbian and webOS now.

Good thing to know that developers are not discarding Symbian already. Of course, that would be largely because of the large number of people who are on the OS. Rovio has announced that they will be bringing Angry Birds to webOS and Symbian and the release date has been set as April 8th. Angry Birds Rio has been offered by Amazon Appstore for free on the first day of the Appstore launch for android users.

Right now it costs $0.99 on the Appstore and expect similar price when it comes to webOS and Symbian. For all the fun it offers and the multitude of levels that you can enjoy, that seems a pretty small price to pay. So, ready Symbian and webOS users?

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