Motorola Developing Own Web-Based OS; Moving Away from Google Android?

March 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is Motorola’s love for Google Android OS on the wane? Seem like it, and we have reasons to say so. Who doesn’t know a majority of Moto’s devices run Android? We now hear that the company is looking at having their own OS.

Though not yet confirmed by the top bosses at Motorola, the feelers are that the company is readying their own web based operating system. We are also yet to stumble upon info as to what stage the development is into, but news is that Motorola has already hired a number of web engineers with experience from Adobe and Apple. This could lead to us seeing the Motorola OS very soon.

Readying an alternative to Google Android OS could come as a major challenge, but then considering that the recruitment had happened almost 9 years ago we believe that the OS is on its way for sure.

It may be seen that the company is indeed looking to differentiate and are seriously eyeing options. May be the plan could have come about after realization that depending on a single supplier would not be fine with them.

When it comes to thought that Motorola is going for a new web OS of their own, we are convinced that the move is extremely practical. Look forward to a new order in operating system space.

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