HTC Merge Hits Alltel for $125 + 2-Year Contract; Pre-order Begins March 28

March 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We spent some time with the HTC Merge at the CTIA and now we have confirmation that Alltel has bagged this cute handset on to their network. The pre-orders for HTC Merge on Alltel will start on March 28 for a price of $125 on contract.


HTC is trying out the dual mode on Android platform for the first time in Merge. It can work well on CDMA and GSM networks. Being the first carrier to get the Merge, Alltel is asking foe a two year contract along with a qualifying rate plan from customers who want to pre-order this Android slider.

The 800 MHz Snapdragon processor with the Merge gave us good impressions at CTIA. But not everything was classy. We give full marks to the processor since it moves the job faster.

The feel of the Sense UI loaded in Merge, as usual gave an impressive experience. However, the slide-out keyboard didn’t impress us very much when we had a little hands-on time with it.

The way it feels in our hand was ok, but if you are the one who don’t like using the virtual keyboard, you may not get complete satisfaction with the slide-out keyboard with the Merge.

Though the buttons are placed sufficiently apart so that we get enough space to type in without errors, we felt that there is some lack of the feeling we get when using a physical keyboard.

The 3.8 inch touch screen of Merge gives a good HTC Sense experience, especially with the stock Android. Though we didn’t get to test its 5 megapixel camera, we got reliable info that the cam does good job. Though it won’t be the best one in the market, it captures HD videos and pictures with considerable clarity.

Well, there were earlier reports of HTC Merge spotted at FCC with a Verizon manual.  We don’t know if it has any more ground remaining with Merge appearing on Alltel. But we hope that we will soon find this guy on Verizon too.

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