See the Next Hawken Trailer by participating in their Challenge

March 23, 2011, By Christian Davis

When the Hawken Trailer was released, Adhesive Games immediately became a household name amongst gamers everywhere. The now highly anticipated mech based first person shooter, Hawken, is still buzzing in our heads and we are craving more gameplay. We can see more of Hawken if we all participate in the Hawken challenge.

How easy this can be is based off where you’re located in the world. What Adhesive Games wants everyone to do is take a picture near a landmark and send it to them. Once the grid of 16 squares has been filled, we will be graced with a new trailer.

It takes three easy steps:

1. Download this Hawken image and print it out.

2. Take a photo near the world known landmark with the Hawken image

3. Send Adhesive Games the picture

Don’t be a wise guy photoshop yourself in front of the Empire State Building. They really want to see who across the world is supporting Hawken.

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