More info on 360 Exclusive Character and Kratos in Action for Mortal Kombat

March 23, 2011, By Christian Davis

Via Twitter, the Playstation Team has released a gameplay video of God of War’s Kratos duking it out with the Mortal Kombat classic characters. Playstation 3 owners really got a great character that fits perfectly into the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Nether Realm Studios has done a great job incorporating Krato’s moves into the game. In the video below you’ll see some quick time events, the slow motion jump he does when knocking characters in the air, and several of his signature moves are present and just as gruesome as ever.

Here’s the video below.

Xbox 360 owners are still not sure on whether they’ll get an exclusive character, but executive producer Ed Boon gave a few hints about it with a in an interview with GiantBomb.

Here’s what he said:

Well, there’s nothing that we have ready to announce but we love our 360 players and we love our PS3 players and I think everybody’s gonna get something they’ll be happy with.

If this is indeed hinting at a hidden character, then who would it be? Let us know what you guys think in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the DeviceMag newsletter for more information on gaming and other tech news.

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