T-Mobile brings LG G-Slate at $529.99 on a two year contract: Does 3D do it for you?

March 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Seems like the cloud is quickly clearing on the price range of various tablets that are soon to step out into store shelves to take on the likes of Xoom and iPad 2. Earlier today we found out about the pricing of the 16GB Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook and now is the time to talk about what LG and T-Mobile are offering customers in terms of the LG G-Slate that was unveiled earlier this year ate MWC. Well, the price tag is out folks and we can assure you that it is not as light on your pocket as you would think.

The 8.9-ich LG G-Slate will be offered by T-Mobile on an on-contract price of $529.99. That means you are locked into a two year deal which will see you pay at least $20 each month in the form of data plan. The price tag seems a bit too much at the moment as it might be hard to get people behind the G-Slate by asking them to shell down $529.99 for it.

There is no Wi-Fi only G-Slate yet available and while you can enjoy 4G with T-Mobile, it might all boil down to an individual’s interest in 3D recording and playback that the G-Slate offers. If 3D is just a gimmick for you that does not add much value then you will most likely look past the G-Slate. If it is something that you are fascinated by, you might well be willing to pay $530 and sign up with T-Mo for a couple of years.

So, does the G-Slate on T-Mobile make the cut for you?

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