BlackBerry PlayBook Pre-orders begin tonight: 16GB Wi-Fi only model priced at $499.99

March 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

RIM has stayed true to their word and has just brought out their PlayBook for a price tag that is below $500. Not by much and you really are not going to do much with the 1 cent that you save on it. But it still is that illusive $500 price range that everyone talks about. But then, come to think of it this is still a 7-inch tablet and hence probably comparisons are not fair.

Putting all the comparisons and the ‘tablet war predictions’ aside, the news is that BlackBerry PlayBook will be available for pre-order starting tonight and in case you just want a 16GB Wi-Fi-Only version of the PlayBook, then you need to part with $500 for it. Not bad considering that was what everyone asked for before the news was made official by RIM.

PlayBook will be available at all retails stores (the popular ones that you know and love) and obviously also at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint stores as well. There will obviously be doubt about the apps on the PlayBook and how well it would serve in that department. But if ‘Flash Support’ is a big thing for you, then maybe PlayBook is what you are waiting for.

Despite all this, still no release date yet in sight. Hopefully that will be known soon as well. Are you planning to pre-order PlayBook?

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