Apple iPhone 5 Rumored to Be Gearing Up for Production by Q3 of 2011

March 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been hearing lots about the iPhone 5 since a while now, and the latest is a probable date of production of the device. The Apple iPhone 5 is said to have entered trial production is may be expected to go into mass output by the third quarter of this year itself.

So what would it look like when it comes for real. We know you have already been fed with news that the device might sport looks identical to that of the iPhone 4.

The device is likely to come cased in a metal chassis so as to enhance antenna sensitivity. It will boast of a 4-inch touch screen.

China Times has hinted at the device going into trial production already. So the speculations that center round the device going into production by the third quarter seem to be true.

If you would remember, we had earlier told you about this metal chassis and that it would boost antenna sensitivity.

The speculations can be taken as pointers to what the device would look like ultimately. The aspects we already know are these: A5 processor, a thinner bezel and iPhone 4 like form factor.

We hope further leaks will bring us something more. Or, do we have to wait for Apple to spill something on the iPhone 5 they are rolling into production soon?

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