Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gives Us Some Options

March 21, 2011, By Christian Davis

In this video walkthrough of Deus Ex: Revolution, the game is promising one thing, options. Specifically when it comes to completing a mission. A huge part of the game design for Deus Ex was the multiple paths that the player has at their disposal.

Mary Damaro, Deus Ex’s narrative game designer, takes us through the multiple paths(three in this case) of the games first mission. You have the option of taking a stealthy non lethal approach, go in guns blazing, or listen to your friend over at headquarters Frank Pritchard.

Taking either the stealthy or John Wayne approach seems to be the  main goals with Frank Pritchard’s paths appear to be optional. It’s nice to have some variety in our gameplay missions and it stops to game from becoming too linear.

Here’s the video below. Deus Ex will be available this Fall.

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