iPhone 5 Cases Spotted; Design Reveals No Change From Current Model

March 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple fans who are waiting to own the upcoming iPhone 5 might be expecting the company to bring in an even more alluring design. It is not that the iPhone 4 design is any bad, but when it comes to a new model, it is only natural that customers would want something new in the design. However, a set of pictures spotted a while ago reveals that the iPhone 5 will have the same design as that of the predecessor.

Images of iPhone 5 cases that have been let out by Alibaba make us that the handset will be very much identical to iPhone 4. Now that doesn’t call for big celebration, right? Who wouldn’t have loved something new in the design of the new iPhone?

Going by Alibaba’s track record, we have reasons to believe what the pictures suggest. The website has displayed the iPhone 5 cases in their listings, and you may check them out if you are still not convinced.

Take a look at the images and you will find slots for LED flash on the rear, sleep and wake button, earphone jack holes at the top and a SIM slot opening on the side. These slots are where the actual stuff will fit in. Go back to your iPhone 4 and you will all these aspects are the same with that device too.

The new cases might come in six different hues, and that makes it alluring. We just have to put up with Apple’s way of doing things. However, we wonder why such a hyped device would want to look like the old one?

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