Websense up for sale: Web security software firm could fetch $1 billion

March 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

A billion dollar deal could be on the horizon as web software security firm ‘Websense’ is reportedly in the plans of putting the company up for sale. Reports suggest that the company approached with the aid of investment bank Qatalyst Partners in an attempt to facilitate the process and get the best deal possible.

While Websense have made such an attempt before, those close to the company say that this is more serious and if the price is right, then there is nothing stopping the possible billion dollar deal from happening. For those unaware, Websense makes software that filters the content on web and allows access to different applications based on pre-set conditions.

Many firms use the software in restricting employees’ access to websites that are appropriate in the workplace environment (yup, they could be the reason you cannot access Porn or Facebook or chat windows from your office system). Of course, it also protects your system from malicious software and cyber attacks and offers complete security features.

The company is estimated at a value of around $1 billion and if an offer in that range is made, then a takeover is very well possible pretty soon. With deals like Intel buying McAfee for $7.7 billion, shares of web security firms have shot up in the last few years and bigger firms want them in their umbrella in order to attract more potential consumers. Guess we will find out in a few days what Websense is going for…

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