Nintendo Wii 2 coming to E3 2011: Are we looking at a release in June?

March 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

With the Mobile World Congress 2011 and the likes of Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s Playstation Phone, there has been plenty of talk about mobile gaming units. But it is still the gaming consoles that form huge chunks of business for these firms. Nintendo admittedly knows that the Wii sales are not too strong currently and they are going to do something about that.

According to EA Games Frank Gibeau, Nintendo Wii 2 will arrive in the latter half of this year and it is going to be launched at E3 2011. That sure is great news for all those who are waiting for the next version of the Wii and it seems at this point that the launch of Wii 2 will indeed take place in June. But the bigger question of course, is when will we get our hands on the Wii 2?

The answer for that might be available in a bit as we are not quite sure when exactly Wii 2 will hit store shelves. While Frank Gibeau is confident about the Wii launch at E3 2011, Nintendo is still not willing to shed any light on the issue and have talked down the whole ‘Wii 2’ question. But we all know that the Wii 2 has to come out and soon to ensure that sales pick up once again and that apparently is what Nintendo intends to do.

What would you like to see in Wii 2? Let us and Nintendo know…

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