Mobile Apps Developers Get a Set of Guidelines on Quality, Courtesy of UTI

March 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Developers looking to infuse some superior quality into mobile applications irrespective of the platform for which they are being developed now have a set of guideline they would love to put into practice.

These guidelines, in fact, may be seen as helping developers with an edge towards quality to make the most of the mobile market that sees billions of applications downloaded year after year.

The guidelines come from the Unified Testing Initiative (UTI), a collaborative organization that focuses on mobile application quality.

UTI has as its members representatives from phone makers LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Orange, Samsung, and carriers AT&T and Vodafone.

The Best Practice Guidelines that has been released is being offered as one document that sees to it that developers create quality mobile applications. Developers looking at bringing in quality into mobile applications can download the cross-platform guidelines free of charge here.

Elaborating on the Best Practice Guidelines, Martin Wrigley, chair of UTI and director of developer services, Orange, stated that “developers who make quality ‘priority-one’ are well positioned to succeed in a mobile market where billions of applications are downloaded every year”.

He added: “Whether an application is built using Java ME, Android or Symbian, the UTI guidelines will serve as an important resource for helping developers deliver more high quality apps to market.”

If you are among those developers who may want to look at what the guidelines bring to you, the document ushers in to your midst a wide range of quality issues developers need to address all through the process of application development.

The guidelines may be seen as a comprehensive resource for developers who would want to address quality issues in a most consistent manner.

This apart, the guidelines will also offer suggestions and recommendations that would prove of help so as to enhance quality of any mobile application in areas that include connectivity, messaging and calls, user interfaces, language, media, stability, data handling and security, according to UTI.

The organization is also planning to update the guidelines as platform requirements change and as per suggestions from within the mobile community. If you do have suggestions to be included, you may well scribble in  your thoughts here.

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