Live Action Prey 2 Teaser Trailer

March 16, 2011, By Christian Davis

Prey hasn’t been discussed since 2006 when it released. The fun and creepy alien first person shooter had you play Tommy, who is on a mission to rescue his girlfriend.

The newly announced teaser trailer, does have us a bit curious on what’s going on, but it makes a few things obvious. If this is any indication of how the game will start, then the aliens from the previous game are back and are taking things to an even bigger scale.

The invasion was unexpected which was how the first game started. You were in a bar and then out of the blue, things started floating in the air and people were screaming and then your girlfriend was gone. This trailer starts off in a plane with, what appears to be, a couple arguing over a video camera. Blue lights start to flash, people start screaming and it looks like your girlfriend is gone.

You get a glimpse of the space ship at the end and it’s literally the size of Texas. It’s pretty cool.

Here’ the trailer below.

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