Japan Prime Minister starts new Twitter account in English: Updated news about post-earthquake relief efforts

March 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The Prime Minister of Japan has decided to open a new Twitter account in English that will give official updates from the earthquake struck regions and will let the world know about the latest in relief efforts that are currently in progress. This seems a very wise move on the part of the administration as much of the world is anxiously glued to what is happening in Japan and the extent to which relief and rescue measures are reaching those in need.

The @JPN_PMO Twitter account has already gained more than 7000 followers in just the first hour and obviously that number will grow as many concerned about the state of affairs post the catastrophe eagerly watch on. Funds, support and relief has flooded in from various corners of the globe already and the military has already banned several popular sites in Japan to ensure there is enough free bandwidth for their operation.

Twitter is not one of those banned sites and by giving timely official updates on the site in English as well, the world and parts of Japan can understand what exactly is happening on ground. Obviously the current concern is regarding the state of nuclear reactors and the extent to which radiation has leaked out. Hopefully we will see a tweet soon that says “nuclear reactors stable and under complete control”…

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