HP Touchpad Release and Price details confirmed by CEO Leo Apotheker

March 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

HP CEO Leo Apotheker has confirmed what was earlier rumored thanks to some well placed sources. The HP Touchpad will be out in June for sure and according to HP CEO, there will be no pushing back on the month of release. While he refused to give the exact date of launch, we now at least can be sure about when it will hit the stores.

Also the price tag of $699 for the Touchpad is as good as confirmed and with BlackBerry Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (& even 8.9-inch possibly) also set for release in moths to come, it is more or less going to be an all out war between these 3 in an attempt to attract consumers in the tablet market. Of course, with the runaway success of the iPad 2, it might be a race for the best of the rest and they will also have to get past the Motorola Xoom in that regard.

Seems like the year of 2011 will be indeed the year of tablets, with every month bringing in something new and offering more options for consumers. So which of the three are you leaning towards at the moment? Will it be the Playbook or Touchpad or Galaxy Tab 10.1?

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