Word processing on Windows Phone 7

March 15, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There are many tasks that you can perform on a new Windows Phone 7. You might snap photos and edit them in the Pictures Hub, or browse the web with Internet Explorer Mobile. With the Games Hub you can play games (including Xbox LIVE titles), while the People Hub offers integration between a standard contacts list and your favourite social networking service.

Meanwhile the Office Hub offers the ability to perform wordprocessing tasks on a Windows Phone, with Word and OneNote both ideal choices.

With the Windows Phone keyboard and as-you-type spellcheck system you can create documents and share them while sitting on a train or enjoying breakfast at your local café.

Wordprocessing on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 and the Microsoft Office Hub

Along with PowerPoint and Excel the Microsoft Office Hub offers mobile versions of Word and OneNote, allowing users to write documents and share them via email or upload them to the Windows Live cloud with SkyDrive (this functionality is available for Word from the NoDo update onwards, released early 2011).

The first thing you will see in Windows Phone 7 when you open the Office Hub is Microsoft OneNote, where it is easy to start a +New note or view All previously created OneNote documents – the most recently used are listed in the OneNote section.

Meanwhile you can create a new Word document by panning right and tapping +New document > Word document. With the document open, all you need to do is start tapping away on the keyboard everything that you want to get down.

The Windows Phone 7 Keyboard

There are two ways to type with Windows Phone 7 when using either OneNote, Word or email; you can either type away in portrait mode or take advantage of your Windows Phone keyboard in landscape mode, where you will be afforded an easier-to-use typing experience.

It is possible that of all mobile platforms, the Windows Phone software keyboard is the easiest to use; it is certainly marginally faster than the iPhone keyboard and the spellcheck is definitely fast, making autocomplete suggestions and offering alternatives to words you might have incorrectly typed just by tapping the text with the wavy red underlining. Pleasingly these features are not limited to Word – pretty much anything that you type on your Windows Phone will be spellchecked.

Altering the Windows Phone Keyboard Settings

Via Settings > System > Keyboard you can alter how your keyboard behaves; for instance you can change the Keyboard language via a drop down menu (with a choice of English, German and Spanish) and you can toggle whether or not you want you want the keyboard to Suggest text and highlight misspelt words.

Other options you can toggle are those that Correct misspelt words and Insert a space after selecting a suggestion from the spellcheck bar. You can also decide whether you want the keyboard to Insert a full-stop after double-clicking the SPACEBAR (a useful time-saver) or automatically Capitalise the first letter of a sentence.

Finally you can add your own suggestions when a word is highlighted as potentially being incorrect in Windows Phone 7. This is done by tapping the word in question and then tapping the word on the suggestion bar where it will be preceded by a + symbol. For instance if I wanted to add the word “delmont” then I would tap +delmont. Selections such as this can be removed from the dictionary using the Reset text suggestions menu item in Settings > System > Keyboard.

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