IE9 out and available for download: Will you prefer it over Firefox or Chrome?

March 15, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now out and available for download and within a short time after launch it has attracted plenty of attention. Mostly the question doing rounds is if the latest version of Internet Explorer will restore some of the lost reputation of Microsoft thanks to the previous editions of IE. The biggest talking point, as it is always with E, is the security features and if it matches the likes of Firefox, Chrome and Opera in that regard.

From early reviews and usage of the IE9 the opinion coming in is that Microsoft has put plenty of work behind it and this definitely merits a look from web users. The guys from Redmond have gone all out in trying to beef up the security features of IE9 and to a large extent they have achieved it successfully.

While it is still not as secure as its competitors, those hooked to IE will find their experience vastly improved with the latest version. IE9 also seems pretty fast when it comes to running JavaScript and in speed of opening applications is ahead of Firefox, while Chrome still leads in that department easily.

In short, IE9 offers a marked improvement in usage compared to previous Internet Explorer versions and while we still do not suggest it as a primary browser over Chrome, Firefox or Opera, it is starting to hang around with the big boys once again.

How about you- Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer after IE9 launch?

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