Brink Adds Class with its new Trailer

March 15, 2011, By Christian Davis

Brink was already incredible and just now got ten times better thanks to the new trailer “Matter of Class.” Showcasing Brink’s objective game types, its primary function is to show the various classes that you can control during the long multiplayer sessions that we are all going to play.

To win at Brink, you’re going to need the right man for the job and you have a couple different options. You have the Soldier which is there to do all the grunt work. If you need someone taken out, he’s your guy. It also seems like certain classes can only do specific tasks such as planting bombs. The Soldier is given that task and it’s a good idea in my opinion.

Next we have the Medic. Reviving teammates is his primary goal and is crucial to keeping your team constantly active in the field. Not only can you revive your teammates, you can also heal them as well.

Engineers are just cool. You have the ability to build machine gun nests at crucial choke points in the game. It’s unclear if you can build the gun turrets wherever you want in a Team Fortress 2 like fashion, but is still a deadly force to watch out for.

Last but not least is the operative. Ever want to disguise yourself like the enemy? Well you can hear. This should make is extremely easy to infiltrate an enemy stronghold.

Here’s the trailer below:

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