White iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5: Why would you buy one now?

March 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Here is the Tweet from Phil Schiller that has got everyone going on the arrival of the white iPhone 4.

“@airickanderson Hi Eric. The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)”

But with that piece of news now officially confirmed from a source that is indeed from Apple, the bigger question that looms on the horizon is if people actually want to buy the white iPhone 4 a couple of months ahead of what looks like the launch of iPhone 5.

We understand that there are plenty of people out there who have been waiting long and hard for the launch of the white iPhone 4. It kept showing up once every 4 months on some store inventory or leak and then got shot down pretty quickly. The delay has been so long that now we are getting ourselves ready for annual Apple iPhone launch event (as per the normal cycle) and now the white version of iPhone 4 is supposedly ready to hit stores!

The simple problem with the launch is that if indeed the iPhone 5 launch will happen in the rumored June/July period, then why would you want to buy iPhone 4 in white at this point? Remember that Apple released both the black and white versions of iPad 2 from the very beginning (March 11th) and similar strategy is expected with the iPhone 5.

Considering that, it seems a bit unreasonable to expect people to buy the white iPhone 4 a couple of months ahead of white iPhone 5 launch and shell out the full price. It would seem more sensible at this point to wait till iPhone 5 hits stores, check it out and then go in for the purchase. If you want to buy white iPhone 4 even then, maybe you will get a better bargain as well because the next-gen iPhone would be just out in stores!

Either way, at this point the best option would be to wait and watch for a while instead of buying white iPhone 4 right away. It will be also interesting to see how Apple handles this issue and if it holds back on iPhone 5 to further sales of white iPhone 4. Will you wait or go for it right away?

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