iPad 2 sales estimates hit a new high of 1 million: Did Apple sell half a million tablets more than expected?

March 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Numbers are flying thick and fast and while we may not be able to confirm any of these unless Apple makes an official press release soon or Steve jobs comes out with another of his slideshow briefing, it seems certain that Apple iPad 2 is a huge hit. Obviously you do not need numbers to confirm it as there have been long queues outside Apple stores over the weekend and outlets ran out of stock very quickly. Shipping is now taking couple of weeks longer than earlier thought and stocks are thinning at a rapid pace.

But the so called “industry experts” have jumped to conclusions pretty quickly and in space of a few hours we hear different guys predicting that between 500,000 to 1 million iPad 2 units sold over the weekend. Again, nobody can confirm those numbers except Apple themselves and while initial estimates and even reports projected the sales to be around the 500,000 mark, new reports say that the 1 million mark might have been well breached.

Also on offer is the fact that AT&T sold more and was more popular carrier when it comes to the iPad 2. Consumers favored it more over Verizon Wireless and experts attribute it to better ‘consumer service’. While 60% of the iPad 2 buyers were already Apple owners good 40% embraced Apple only with iPad 2.

Attracting a new consumer base is great news for Apple and shows that the tablet market is not saturated by any means right now for an individual maker. So, it looks like after all the noise in the weeks earlier March 11th, Apple once again has trumped competition with sheer numbers. Whether it is 500,000 or 1 million or anywhere in between; the bottom line is Apple still wins hands-down!

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