Google Earth & Google Maps images of Japan show the extent of post-earthquake & tsunami devastation

March 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The extent of tragedy and devastation that has hit Japan might still not be completely clear as we rush to the aid of those hit by the earthquake and the resultant tsunami. But with thousands dead and many more missing, the world has collectively responded to the call of help from the Far East. We have seen Google Maps and Google Earth help out in such situations before and they technology has once again come to the aid of many in the quake-hit zone.

With real-time updates from the Google Earth images, both rescue and relief attempts can be coordinated in a far better fashion with organization getting a direct visual idea of the areas worst hit and their current status. Google say that they have been working in a fashion that allows them to provide useful information to organizations that are working on the ground offering aid to those hit by the natural disaster.

Also, a picture speaks a thousand words and by just looking at the before and after images of the region, people across the globe get an idea of the magnitude of wreckage in the region. This will probably motivate more to make a meaningful donation so that further aid reaches out for those in need. Also friends and family can check the status of their dear ones’ homes and the condition they are in.

You can go to Google Earth and Google Maps for more images and the latest satellite pictures.

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