Big Name Companies Donating Millions for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

March 14, 2011, By Christian Davis

The tragedy that is happening in Japan is horrible and all of our hearts and blessings are going out to the lives affected. Some of today’s top companies are donating millions of dollars to aide in Japan’s relief.

On Sunday, Sony state that they will be donating 300 million Yen(US $3.6 Million) and 30,000 radios.

Nintendo is contributing 300 million Yen as well. Namco Bandai is donating 100 million Yen(US $1.2 million), Sega Sammy is giving 200 million Yen(US $2.4 Million) and Koei Tecmo is contributing 100 million yen (US $1.2 million).

Microsoft will be giving an initial $2 million in relief efforts. $250,000 will be in cash and the rest will be made up with contributions such as software.

Everyone is doing what they can do support Japan. It will become even stronger once the country has been rebuilt.


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