Apple iPhone 4 alarm bug resurfaces with daylight savings time

March 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

It seems every tine iPhone 4 has to adjust a tiny bit with the clock or even get ahead with the change of an year, there is an issue with the alarm of the famous Apple gadget. With America switching to daylight savings time over the weekend, iPhone 4 alarms once again refused to ring at the right time ensuring that those who had early morning appointments on Sunday (which we are not fond of at all) missed them comfortably.

The thing was also reported on Monday and at this point the best thing to do next time you see the calendar change to next year or even encounter daylight savings time is to maybe buy a cheap alarm clock which will not cost you more than a couple of bucks. Of course, we are by no way trying to sweep under the carpet the glitch that the alarm function on the iPhone 4 throws up.

Nor are we trying to stay away from showing defects that turn up in Apple stuff, unlike some Android fans naturally conclude at times. But the fact remains that no one is going to throw out their iPhone for this glitch and while we hope new iOS 4.3 will fix it, the best way to move forward without again missing appointments is by not depending on the alarm and having a backup when you know daylight savings is around the corner.

It will not cost you much and you need not crib about missing an appointment. While Apple will do well to fix the bug, we better switch to an alternative till they get that done for sure in case of the alarm; which is easy enough to do!

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