Angry Birds Rio on Android to be exclusively available for download on Amazon Appstore

March 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Enjoying Angry Birds on Android? Also all excited about the latest Angry Birds Seasons: Go Green, Get Lucky? Maybe you are looking forward to the landing of Angry Birds on Facebook. Here is news for those Angry Birds lovers who are on Android OS. The bird hurling and pig chasing fun in its whole new edition ‘Angry Birds Rio’ will be available for android users on Amazon’s yet-to-open Appstore on release.

Remember that Angry Birds Rio is in the making as a motion picture and the game with 60 new levels on launch and further more being added down the lane is all set to be insanely popular. You can expect a million buys to be up in a few days of release and obviously Amazon Appstore is looking to introduce itself to the android world with this incredibly popular app from Rovio.

While Angry Birds ad free version and Angry Birds Seasons will also be available on the Amazon Appstore, the ‘Angry Birds Rio’ edition will be exclusive to them and hence android users will be forced to give it a look. Then Amazon can make them feel comfortable with the new Appstore platform and rope them in to ensure they come back for all future app purchases.

Sounds like a real smart launch strategy to us and if Angry Birds Rio comes out on the rumored April 15th, then the Amazon Appstore should also be out by that day, if not before that. We will wait and see how that goes, but now you know where to get Angry Birds Rio on Android…

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