Amazon Tablet in the Works; Looks to Rival Apple iPad 2

March 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s a high for the Apple iPad 2 these days, but then we do not think other tablets don’t have their chances too. Among the many that are being lined up, word is that Amazon is readying in its labs a new piece that would rival the iPad 2.

Amazon’s new tablet will be Android-powered and could join the fray along side other devices such as the Motorola Xoom, RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and the HP TouchPad.  Amazon is already experiencing hard competition from Apple iBooks in the e-book arena.

So, if they really plan to enter the tablet market, we would love to see how things shape up. From the looks of it, we guess it could be an e-reader primarily. Also, chances are that it could be a tablet with e-book reader functionality.

Though the Android buzz is gaining momentum, there is also talk that Amazon is likely to make a Linux-based tablet so that it would let users connect to their various stores.  Now, that speculations on the Amazon tablet have started flowing in, there are many in the industry who feel Amazon’s device will stand the chance of beating the iPad 2.

Well we need to wait a bit more to learn more on that. In the meanwhile, lets go hunting more on what the device will look like. And, yes we will need to look at what kind of a price tag it will carry.


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