WinAmp 1.0 Update for Android Ushers in an Array of Fresh Features

March 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In what could excite Android fans big time, WinAmp 1.0 is making its way to their palms. Nullsoft has updated its WinAmp client for Android to version 1.0. The upgrade comes with some enhancement with an array of new features.

Most importantly, WinAmp now features a better interface. It comes with improved “Now Playing” screen, reveals a new “Info” button which provides biographies, discographies, album photos, and links to articles written about the artist.

A new pop-up window indicates when the track changes. We are also provided with the option to skip songs by swiping across the screen.

It has also got redesigned home screen with new buttons for “Search” and “Free Music”. Also, added is a revamped lock screen that mimics the “Now Playing” screen.

The version is also integrated with Android’s voice command system. It has also polished the bugs it had.

Now WinAmp allows Wi-Fi syncing of music with the WinAmp desktop program. By the means of this Wi-Fi syncing, the users need not have to connect their phone to the computer to update the music library, thereby making the procedure pretty easy.

These apart, the most attractive element of the new version is that it has also got Spinner integration. Spinner enables free music downloads, which are available up on clicking the Free Music button on WinAmp’s home screen.

We would also like to tell you that WinAmp is a free application and is available in the Android Market now.

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