Sharing Slideshows in Windows Live Photo Gallery

March 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

In addition to the ability to tag your photos as a means of finding them in future, applying adjustments and repairs, sharing photos via email and even restoring old photographs, Windows Live Photo Gallery gives you the ability to create slideshows of your favourite images that can either be viewed on your computer or shared with friends.

As well as this, Windows Live Photo Gallery gives you the ability to add captions and descriptive tags to help you to both find and recall details about the image that you might have forgotten.

Sharing slideshows in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Captions and Descriptions

There is more to managing your pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery than just adding people tags – you can also add captions and descriptions to your snaps to help you recall what was taking place or to add some humorous line to a comical scene.

These captions will be displayed when you view the photograph in Windows Live Photo Gallery as well as be added as a title to the image, allowing the caption to be seen in other applications.

In order to add a caption to an image, find the image in Windows Live Photo Gallery and left-click it – on the right-hand pane you should notice the section labelled Caption. All you need to do is click Add caption in order to add some interesting facts, quotes or other relevant text.

Similarly you can use Add descriptive tags to outline details of the event taking place, or perhaps explain what the relevance of an image is. For instance you might have a scan of a piece of artwork that you developed. A caption might not be entirely appropriate, although a few descriptive tags might be.

Viewing and Sharing Slideshows in Windows Live Photo Gallery

One of the best ways that you can enjoy the digital photos on your computer is with Windows Live Photo Gallery’s slideshow tool. This will enable you to either view every single image on your computer or to enjoy snaps saved in a particular folder.

In fact, there are other ways in which images for a slideshow can be displayed – you might decide to search for a person by their tag, at which point you would then click the Slideshow button and choose a suitable theme to watch it with.

Slideshow themes depend wholly on your preference – when the slideshow is running it will take up the full dimensions of your display, and you can choose from 6 slideshow themes:

  • Pan and zoom
  • Contemporary
  • Cinematic
  • Fade
  • Black and white
  • Sepia

Once you have made a choice the slideshow will begin, displaying a collection of your images on a black background with three menu options.

While you can easily pause and restart the slideshow or cycle forward and back through the images, the menus offer further options. The Change theme menu lets you select a different theme (which largely concerns the tone of the images or the transition style) while the Create movie option will open Windows Live Movie Maker and allow you to turn the slideshow into a movie.

Finally, the Share slideshow option will let you upload the collection – complete with transitions – to a site of your choice, such as Facebook, YouTube or your Windows Live SkyDrive, allowing you to share the slideshow with your friends!

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