Photo Sharing with Windows Phone 7

March 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the post important areas of the Windows Phone 7 operating system is the Pictures Hub, a collection of all photos and user-saved images on your device that you can view, share and edit.

Accessed via the wide tile labelled Pictures on the Start screen or via the Pictures tile in the Programs list, the Pictures Hub provides access to all photos you might have taken with your phone’s camera and any photos that your social contacts might have shared on Facebook or Windows Live. These can be viewed in their entirety or sorted by date; you can also use the images in the hub to change your lock screen background. Meanwhile the hub itself can choose its own background (which will be displayed on the Start screen tile) or you can select one of your own.

To begin with our look at the Pictures Hub we’re going to have a look at the on-board features for viewing and sharing snaps.

Photo sharing with Windows Phone 7

Viewing Pictures with Windows Phone 7

The first thing you will see in the Pictures Hub are the most recently accessed images on your device set against a default backdrop. If you have previously been using your handset to take photos then the images will be yours; if not, the photos you see will be the stock images that ship with the phone.

If you pan to the left you will see three views – All, Date and Favourites. The last of these options will display any photos you have set as your Favourites, while All will display all photos that you have snapped or images you might have saved from other sources. Date, meanwhile, will display your photos in chronological order, a very useful option if you can’t find a particular snap.

You can pan left or right between these views once one is selected; note that the All option splits your photos up into folders, some of which might be synced from Facebook or Windows Live (if you have activated these social networking options) which others will be from your Camera Roll.

To view a photo, open the folder and tap the snap! Photos can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode – just rotate the phone to find the best option, and by pinching and spreading your thumb and forefinger on the phone display you can zoom in and out.

Sharing Photos with Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has provided various ways with which you can share your Windows Phone 7 photos.

While viewing any photo you will notice the three ellipses […]; this indicates that a menu of options can be displayed. Simply drag these to choose the options:

  • Add to favourites
  • Delete
  • Upload to SkyDrive – this can be set to occur automatically with each photo you take in Settings > Applications > Pictures & Camera
  • Share – provides various sharing options, see below
  • Use as wallpaper – makes the image your lock screen wallpaper
  • Extras – if you have any image editing apps installed, these can be launched from here.

Sharing options for your photo include any email accounts you have setup, SMS and MMS Messaging, Upload to SkyDrive and if you have the option setup, Upload to Facebook (this requires you to have a Facebook account integrated with your People Hub).

Windows Phone 7 offers a very quick upload to Facebook (naturally depending on your connection speed) – with good mobile web providers images can be uploaded and shared within 5 seconds.

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