Motorola Xoom OTA Update Tonight to Add Adobe Flash 10.2 Support

March 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you were skeptical as to whether the tablet you wanted to flaunt won’t have Flash, here are better times. We know it’s iPad 2 launch day, but we aren’t talking of the Apple tablet here. Instead, let’s zoom in on Motorola Xoom, and look what the company has just announced via a tweet.

The Motorola Mobility tweet reads that the Xoom will be getting an over-the-air upgrade tonight so as to usher in the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 functionalities. Now that seems to be more than enough to cheer up all you Motorola fans who have been complaining about the absence of the feature as yet.

The worry had been taken into account by Motorola and the company had been courteous enough to lets us all know that users would only have to wait a few weeks for the update.

Now that the update is rolling out much before the promised period, we feel like applauding the manufacturer for having the customer on top priority of the mind.

The roll out notwithstanding, we however guess we it may take a while before it actually plays on your Xoom tablet.

Now, here’s something very important. In case you are among those Xoom owners who have an unlocked or rooted device, we suggest you hit the restore to default option before installing the update. Not to worry if you aren’t a techie in the know of things. You can get all instructions here.

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