Apple iPad 2 at Walmart; You Can’t Buy it as Yet!

March 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This may not be groundbreaking stuff, but this is something that will be of interest to you for sure. The Apple iPad 2 will be yours in a few hours from now, but retailer Walmart seems to have jumped the gun.

A twitpic posted by Central New York state resident Anthony Carretero has revealed that the device that will launch in a while from now has hit Walmart much earlier. Don’t get excited though. You will wait to pick it from the retailer only after Apple rolls out the device.

The picture posted on Twitter shows the 32GB and 64GB models on Walmart’s display areas. The Friday 5 pm launch is what the world is looking forward to, but Walmart’s move is seen as interesting.

But then, on retrospect we guess this isn’t something new in the gadget marketing. Most of then, sales counter staff jump the gun indeed and seem to be in a hurry to put up even those gadgets that don’t have a final release date. This one, however, comes as unusual as Apple wants retailers to abide by sales dates.

The device is anyways coming to you in a few hours from now. Tell us if you have already lined up your iPad 2 shopping plan.

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