RAGE website updated and comes with Free Music

March 10, 2011, By Christian Davis

Today, publisher Bethesda and developer id Software announced that the website for RAGE has been updated. The updated does give us a little more insight on the game as well.

What exactly has changed? If you click under ‘The Games’ tab(after you choose your country and verify your age) you’ll see some of the awesome weapons in action, vehicle combat, information on RAGE’s locations and a  whole lot more.

Still not convinced? How about being able to download the track “Burning Jacob’s Ladder” that was in the latest trailer for RAGE. Yes, that song was great and fit the game perfectly. You can get the song for free by going to the Media section of the website.

The song was preformed by Mark Lanegan, founder of Screaming Trees  and the Gutter Twins. If this song is setting the standard for the music in RAGE, I will be buying this soundtrack the second it be comes available.

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