New Super Crossfire Trailer from Radian Games

March 10, 2011, By Christian Davis

Radian Games is definitely one of the best developers for Xbox Live Indie Games. Now, Radian Games is going to be one of the best indie developers on PC, Mac, Web (Flash/Unity), iPad,and iPhone this April.

Super Crossfire is Radian Games’ first multi-platform game that takes a retro style shooter and throws a huge twist on it. The ability to warp between the top and bottom planes of the game. The original Crossfire was basically perfect, and has now been improved. It’s unbelievable how adding a couple camera changes really makes the game seem completely different.

“Super Crossfire represents the ultimate version of the Crossfire concept. It combines the best of thefirst two XBLIG games, adds a unified system for playing all 160 waves, then adds new enemy types,online leaderboards in every mode, and achievements” said Luke Schneider of Radiangames. “It alsogives a new perspective on the action that further enhances the innovative warping mechanic andintense gameplay.”

Think Space Invaders with teleportation, neon lights, and techno music. Insane amount of bullets to dodge, high speed action, and cooperative gameplay to keep you addicted for a long long time.

Here’s the trailer below.

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