Motorola Xoom 3G Honeycomb Tablet at Sam’s Club; Are You Going For It?

March 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lots have been written about the Motorola Xoom, but then the most-anticipated WiFi Only version has been staying elusive as yet. It still is, and those who haven’t yet made up their mind as to where to pick the available device from, here’s a new option. A 3G model of the Xoom tablet is now on sale at Sam’s Club.

We hopped on to the Sam’s Club website and got to see the 3G model up for sale. The online store is offering the Honeycomb tablet for $599 after a two-year data contract – on Verizon, that is.

Don’t get bowled over by the 4G mention on the website – you may have to pick the 3G device and head for Motorola for an upgrade if you really want that.

If you had been a visitor at Sam’s Club earlier, you might remember that the retailer had advertised a WiFi-only version for $539.99. But then, a WiFi only was not still forthcoming – nor was any info on that – making us wait infinitely. We would of course like to latch on to any info that details pricing and launch of the WiFi only version and bring that to you.

By the way, we had brought you a hands-on-video and a handful of pictures of the Motorola Xoom when it was shown at Barcelona at the MWC 2011 podium. We need not tell you the details yet again, as we know those of you have already become fans of the Motorola tablet know very well what the device packs within itself.

You can refresh your memory by hitting here and here and may be here. In the meantime, also do tell us if you are already heading for Sam’s Club.

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