LinkedIn Today launched by LinkedIn: Social news for business professionals

March 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

LinkedIn is trying to expand its services to users with the latest launch of LinkedIn Today. This follows the earlier launch of LinkedIn Signal that also aims at delivering meaningful and important data to professionals who signed up with the site. The launch of LinkedIn Today will see members receiving various news, depending on their professional profile and information that is tailor made for their needs. It is all about personalizing and delivering news that is apt for your line of work.

With the launch of the new service LinkedIn wants to be “primary source for professional insights” for all its users and those looking for an opportunity to expand their social circle in their profession. Plenty of information flows through LinkedIn each day in the form of profiles, stats, polls and other means and LinkedIn Today will compile and deliver the info you need in a crisp manner.

Today provides different lenses for checking out top news in the industry of the user and gives him an insight into what is currently the trend in the profession of his choice along with various opportunities. This is a product perfectly suited for professionals and also for those who need to keep a tab on the business world and everything that is happening in the market on a regular basis.

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