iPhone 5 64GB model, next in line from Apple?

March 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day once again for all those who wish to sport the white iPhone 4. But along with the white version of the iPhone that was posted in the wild came the snapshots of a 64GB iPhone 4 prototype. (We are willing to go along and believe that it is indeed an Apple creation) Then came the Hands-On Video of the 64GB iPhone 4 and that makes you wonder if Apple is planning on launching a similar iPhone 5 in capacity for all of us.

It is not too hard to believe that Apple made a few prototypes of a 64GB iPhone 4 as they very well could have tinkered with the idea before dropping it for commercial reasons. Maybe the cost was just not viable and Apple may also have encountered few other glitches. But with the iOS 4.3 launch today and its code confirming Dual-Core A5 Processor for the iPhone 5, will we get 64GB version as well?

It might not be too far off from the truth. Apple is very much capable of producing a 64GB iPhone 5 and we already know that no one can match them when it comes to giving the best possible price. (That is what the tablet market proves) Even if the price tag is a bit heavy, surely many would be interested in the expanded new room inside the iPhone. Everything else is evolving, so why not the capacity of the iPhone?

Hopefully iPhone 4 64GB Prototypes in the wild in China are just the preview to the iPhone 5 64GB models that will be available for everyone… Like to sport one around?

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