Find and Install Windows Phone 7 Apps with Zune

March 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the main uses for the Zune client is for the search and installation of apps for Windows Phone 7. Providing direct access to the Marketplace in much the same was as iTunes does for iPhone, Zune displays by default the top available apps, an index of app categories (including games and various sub-categories) and also offers a Search tool to find the app that you want.

With your phone hooked up to your computer or connected to your local wireless network you can then install the app of your choice – if your phone isn’t connected, however, Zune will hold onto the app until it is.

Find and install Windows Phone 7 apps with Zune

Finding Apps on Zune

With Zune running, you should see Marketplace displayed on the top menu – beneath this other menu items are listed such as Music, Videos, Channels and Apps.

Via the Apps menu you get access to view all of the applications and games currently available in the Marketplace, and these can be browsed through and searched. For instance if you’re looking for a popular app then you might use the Top Free Apps view to see the list of the top free Windows Phone apps. When viewing the list, just click More Info to read more about the app you’re interested in, and click Back to exit the details.

Apps on Zune can be found in the various categories too – for instance if you were looking for Adobe Reader, this is listed under Productivity, whereas the eBay app is listed under Lifestyle.

When you have found an app that you’re interested in, view the apps details and pay particular attention to the rating and the reviews, available via the View reviews link. This will help you to decide whether or not the app does what you expect it to – there is no point in ignoring the experiences of others!

Also spend a bit of time viewing the app screenshots so that you can decide whether or not it looks useable.

Install Marketplace Apps with Zune

While viewing the app details you will have an option to install by pressing the payment option (or Free for free-to-use apps). This will begin the installation process, and if your phone is connected to your PC by USB then the app will be installed straight away.

Meanwhile if the phone is not connected then Zune will hold on to your app until you have connected your phone. All you will need to do in this case is connect your phone via the USB cable – Zune will display the Phone screen and display details of any software that is being installed to your handsets.

If you have Wireless Sync setup (in Zune, go to Settings > Phone > Wireless Sync to configure this – it can only be used with wireless networks) then the app will install on your phone if it is within range without hooking it up to your PC via USB.

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