Apple iPad2 Guided Tour Videos Herald Launch

March 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Oh My! I’m prompted to say “Thank God its Gonna be Friday” yet again! The second generation iPad from Apple’s stables is set for the roll out in a few hours from now. The Friday launch is being made into a major event by the manufacturer by unveiling before potential customers a slew of videos that could be seen as guided tours. If you haven’t yet tried out those guide tour videos, this is when you should be doing it.

Having spent some quality time browsing through the videos, I’m now set for the iPad 2 to land in my palm. Apple has posted on their website a variety of in-depth videos that opens before you old as well as new features of the iPad 2, just making sure no one has a second thought about deciding to buy the tablet.

There are as many as 14 videos in all. Marketing is what Apple needn’t learn more, right? If you had any doubt on that, these videos will tell you why I say Apple’s marketing strategy is flawless. So before the Friday 5 pm launch hour, these videos will give you an insight on what you are spending money on.

Pre-release reviews have already adjudged the iPad 2 as the best tablet available. The videos are more than enough to cement that view. Apple has included in the videos certain add-ons too.

Apple’s two flagship content creation apps for the iPad 2, namely iMovie and GarageBand, (to be made available for $4.99 each on the App Store at launch itself) are among them.

The FaceTime app has also been given a guided tour with the company elaborating much on the front and rear cameras of the tablet and showcasing video chat capabilities.

I guess I should leave the judging part to you, though I like it lots. Click here for the full set.

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