Angry Birds Seasons: Go Green Get Lucky to be available for download March 11th

March 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

They have dominated every possible mobiles OS out there. They are making their way on to your gaming consoles. They have found their way into your PC. They even have followed you to Facebook. In a ‘ultra-catastrophic’ style that Hollywood promos tend to rely on, Angry Birds are out there everywhere waiting to get you. In fact, those fuming little birds have got hold of millions already who are addicted to feather hurling and pig chasing fun. Now is the time to celebrate St. Patrick’s’ Day with them.

Angry Birds Seasons: Go Green, Get Lucky is set to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is going to be out and available for download tomorrow. The new edition should be free for download for all those who already have Angry Birds Seasons on and the fun should begin starting March 11th. The announcement from Rovio seems to indicate that iOS and Android will get it tomorrow while Palm and Nokia will have to wait.

So, get ready to give those pigs an extra festive ass-kicking come this Friday as we head on in to the next week to celebrate St. Patrick’s’ Day. This update will see some Irish hats and a few shamrocks laid around for sure. Another day and the wait will be over…

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