3 Fast Things to Do with Windows Phone 7

March 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 was conceived to allow users perform common mobile tasks quickly, and then return to real life. If you like, it is the most social smartphone yet, as it is thanks to the speed of the device in performing tasks – such as uploading images to Facebook, typing messages and performing searches – that you are able to quickly return to real life.

Windows Phone 7 wants you to not only social, but sociable – something that an increasing number of people find impossible to do when they have a piece of hardware in their hands.

But with one of these handsets, there is no excuse – all you need to do is tap and send, the phone does the rest!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Windows Phone 7 can be used to do stuff FAST…

Prove the speed of Windows Phone 7!

Upload a Photo to Facebook

My personal favourite is being able to snap a photo and upload it to Facebook in a matter of seconds. This is done by first taking a photograph and then dragging the ellipses (the […] that signify that the menu can be expanded) and selecting Share… > Upload to Facebook. Within ten seconds (on a mobile broadband connection, faster on Wi-Fi) the image will appear on your Facebook page – pretty fast!

Note that there are other sharing options, such as email, text messaging and Windows Live SkyDrive. Also note that you can only upload to Facebook if you have already setup integration with the service in Settings > Emails & accounts.

Checking Social Networks

In addition to the ability to upload your photos to Facebook in the blink of an eye, Windows Phone also offers integration between social networks and the People Hub. Ostensibly the repository for your contacts, the People Hub provides a nice dovetailing between names, phone numbers, email addresses and social networking, which means that with a Windows Live and Facebook (and with the NoDo update, Twitter) account setup, you can drop into your People Hub, check what people are doing and then get yourself back into the real world in around 15 seconds.

Sending a Message

While you’re in the People Hub you might want to message someone – and whether you’re emailing, texting or adding a reply to a Facebook wall post you can spend just a few seconds at the task by starting the message and taking advantage of the fast typing and spellcheck system that the Windows Phone keyboard provides.

To demonstrate, if I tap Messaging > +New and add a recipient (tap the To: + field to browse contacts) then I can input a message and send the SMS within 10 seconds. The same speed is available for email and Facebook!

These are all very common tasks that many of us use on our mobile devices several times a day – and you can perform all three sequentially on Windows Phone 7 in around 30 seconds!

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