WebOS to be out on every HP PC released starting 2012

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Leo Apotheker is not a guy who minces his words. He is pretty straightforward in the way he looks at the state of things in HP right now and is planning a course to revamp things at the earliest. The man also seems to be giving plenty of quotes to the media which is more than happy with stuff to hang on to. The latest one is regarding the WebOS and how HP plans to have it installed on every PC that is going to be shipped out starting 2012.

The idea is to allow every HP PC to run WebOS and Microsoft Windows as a part of the HP PC experience starting next year. This obviously means that HP is currently working hard to put things in place for this to become a reality within the next 9 months. So, maybe HP will have a dual boot system on their laptops and PCs starting 2012 where you can switch between Windows and WebOS.

Being a HP laptop user, we obviously ourselves would like to see that happen as buying a new HP laptop in a couple of years to find only WebOS on it will not be a pleasant experience. As just a casual laptop user who really wants nothing to do with learning WebOS (even if it is not much a learning), you would like to open a laptop that you are comfortable using from the moment it is turned on.

Let us see how this goes in the months to come…

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