Sharing Windows Live Movie Maker Videos

March 9, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Creating a movie with Windows Live Movie Maker can be a long and arduous project – or it might take five minutes until you’re done!

Either way, once you have finished the project, added the transitions that you want, polished it off with some titles and captions and so on, you will probably want to share it. This can be done in a number of ways, offering you the opportunity to share the finished product online on sites such as Facebook and YouTube, save to disc or even package for viewing on a Windows Phone or Zune player.

Sharing Windows Live Movie Maker videos

Saving Your Windows Live Movie Maker Project

Before you start sharing online, you will want to save the project in a suitable video format. You should already be familiar with the Menu > Save Project as… tool that saves the project – however this doesn’t produce a video clip that you can play back on another device or save to disk.

In order to save the project as a movie, go to Menu > Save movie and use one of the options there. Anyone new to creating a movie might choose the Recommended for this project option; Window Live Movie Maker will choose a suitable format for you to save the project in which will use the optimum settings for the project. More advanced users might use Menu > Save movie > Create custom setting… where any number of settings can be adjusted. Note however that all movies are saved in WMV format.

You will also notice that you can get an idea of just how the exported movie will turn out by hovering the mouse pointer over each option in the Save movie menu; details about the bitrate and end file size for your project will be displayed.

(Note that these tools are also available via Home > Share > Save movie)

Sharing Your Movie Online!

In addition to these saving options, you can share your movie online with the tools in Home > Share.

Being able to share your finished movie online to a popular location like YouTube or Facebook or even saving it for posterity on your SkyDrive is easy to do, and doesn’t require you to use the save tools first.

For instance to export and upload your current project to your Windows Live account storage, you would select the SkyDrive option in Home > Share. You will then be given some resolution options, such as 640×480 or 320×240 (this would be the lowest resolution and therefore the smallest file type). The one you choose will then be prepared for uploading into the SkyDrive folder of your choice; all suitable folders will be displayed and all you will need to do is choose the album and click Publish.

If you chose to publish to Facebook, you might get a different set of resolution options; once you have chosen the one you want, give the movie a descriptive name and again click Publish to upload.

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