Samsung 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab looks super slim: Will it take on the 8.8mm iPad 2?

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

As we told you earlier, it now seems certain that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch is all set to be unveiled at the CTIA on March 22nd. Samsung seems to be pretty adamant in covering every inch of the tablet market and maybe they will have a 12-inch tablet out soon as well. The new 8.9-inch version of the Galaxy Tab seems to be wrapped under covers tightly for now, but Sammy has decided to generate a bit of pre-launch interest by releasing a new snapshot of the Tab.

The little peak that we get today seems to indicate that the 8.9-inch Tab is very slim indeed. The finish also looks pretty impressive with the netted pattern. But with the new ultra-slim image out, the big question doing rounds would be if the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 will match the iPad 2 in slimness?

One of the ‘Oh Wow!’ moments of the iPad 2 launch was when Steve Jobs talked about the iPad 2 thinness and how it beats all the other tabs by a considerable margin. But the launch of Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch could change all that as it could rival the latest Apple iPad in the sexy sleek design. Even if it does not breach the ‘8.8mm’ mark, getting close to it will be some achievement for sure.

Also interesting to see will be the price tag of the new galaxy Tab. Will Samsung take on Apple in this aspect as well? Looks unlikely, but maybe there are a few more surprises in store!

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