Nokia E6 leaked snapshot: Possible touchscreen UI on offer

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Nokia E6 was first captured a while ago and the leaked snapshot created plenty of noise on whether it will sport a touchscreen UI. While nothing is confirmed as of yet and we have no hand-on leaked videos as such of the E6 being touchscreen capable, all new clues point to that actually happening. This could very emulate the E71 in integrating both the touchscreen and the QWERTY design to give Nokia fans a bit of a BlackBerry-like feel. (And that by no means is an insult, but just an observation due to striking similarity in form)

The E6 should come out on Symbian^3 and that is a bit of worry for those who might feel that the lack of support from Nokia for the OS in future is an issue. Remember that Nokia plasn to fade out the support for Symbian gradually and that will make many reluctant to pay for the new Nokia smartphones.

Nokia of course has still a huge market across the globe that includes Europe and South East Asia and many would be willing to still go with Nokia and the E6 regardless. (Sometimes it pays to remember that US is not the only mobile market on the planet) The new image suggests that the touchscreen is coming and hopefully future ones will confirm it for the E6 with a bit of action.

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