Nintendo 3DS official UK launch set for March 25th: First 500 to get a free game!

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Nintendo 3DS will be officially launched in the UK on March 25th at 12pm in a grand gala event that’s should see people line up outside the 100 HMV stores across the country. The event will see the first 500 to line up and walk into the HMV store at Oxford get a free Nintendo game for their trouble along with various other goodies that can be bought in the form of special packages. (Limited edition release T-Shirts and all)

Nintendo is also hosting a invitation-only VIP event at London’s Old Billingsgate for 2,000 guests. UK Club Nintendo members have been entered in a draw and a few winners will receive entry to the event. Seems like Nintendo is expecting the same amazing fanfare that it got at the launch event in Japan to happen again in UK!

You will be handed out wristbands in the queue to ensure that 3DS goes out to the first ones who come in and wait for their prized mobile console. Rice of the Nintendo 3DS is reported to be £199 and we are sure more than a few would be happy to part with that kind of cash for the 3DS. So will you be queuing up?

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