Microsoft Loses 1.2 Million due to Microsoft Point Exploit

March 9, 2011, By Christian Davis

We’ve all seen the websites that offer free Microsoft Points. Of course you have to do several surveys first, all of which are fake, and then you have to give the unknown site your credit card number for “validation” and then you have a couple thousand Microsoft Points. This time around a website was giving away real Microsoft points which cost the company around 1.2 million dollars.

Crafty hackers found an algorithm to add to existing used codes, and get new ones. All the person would have to do is refresh the page and receive Microsoft Points in 160 point increments.

Microsoft found out about the exploit and put an end to it quickly. Though, 1.2 million dollars was already loss. One individual claims to have gotten $150 worth of Microsoft Points in 20 minutes.

If you wanted to get more than Microsoft Points, you could acquire a program to get the codes for you. Took a little more work, but apparently it’s not that complicated.


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