iOS 4.3 hints at Dual-Core A5 Processor for iPhone 5: Chronic Dev Team confirms!

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

iOS 4.3 has come out a couple of days earlier than expected and the latest iOS update is now available for download. It also seems to have something for everyone, iPad users, iPhone 4 users and those on iPod Touch. There is also something for those who dig deep into codes and unravel the mystery behind such software like the Chronic Dev Team. Chronic Dev Team member @Chronic has confirmed on Twitter that the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 5) will have a Dual-Core A5 Processor.

That is the same processor which was on display inside iPad 2 at the March 2nd launch event. Considering the kind of speed and performance improvement that was observed in the iPad 2 thanks to the combination of the new processor and the iOS 4.3, expect similar speed bump now in the iPhone 5. Those who have had the privilege of going hands-on with iPad 2 vouch for this vast improvement.

We are no experts at decoding codes (obviously) and we have no reason to doubt what the Chronic Dev Team has just dug out either. So, there you go folks — iPhone 5 with a Dual-Core A5 Processor is confirmed. Now if the other pieces of the puzzle add up, we would know what iPhone 5 looks like…

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