Internet explorer 9 to be released March 14: Microsoft confirms launch date

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The case of Microsoft and Internet Explorer is a strange one. While Microsoft and Windows still largely rule the PC world when it comes to OS and are quite simply its most recognized face, IE has fallen out of favor since long. Maybe it is because of the large security concerns that it comes with or simply because it is not as convenient to work with as others.

We ourselves have never come to terms with it and most of the people seem to only use it as a secondary browser in case Firefox, Chrome or others are unavailable. Microsoft is no doubt trying to fix this and fast. Internet explorer 9 has been available in the Beta form for some time now and if you are wondering when the final version would be out then Microsoft has come out to clear the air. March 14th is the launch date for IE9.

Hopefully this will see many of the previous bugs in IE fixed and security concerns patched. IE8 and Safari were the first browsers to be taken down by hackers at Pwn2Own today. Hopefully the new IE9 will be a lot more secure than previous Internet explorer versions and more pleasant to work with. So, will you be using IE9?

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