Dragon Age 2 Sex Scenes: Watch & decide if BioWare improved from DA!

March 9, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Dragon Age 2 so far has got pretty mixed reviews. There will be there who will but it no matter what, but it seems that there are many out there who are not too happy with the next edition of Dragon Age. While, we have not played the game yet, YouTube is full of videos that will allow you to delve into plots of Dragon Age 2. (If you hate spoilers, you might want to take a skip on those). But for those wondering about the new sex scenes in Dragon Age 2, here is what you will find inside.

It is not something to really sweat over and this is obviously video game sex at a pretty poor standard, as far as we can see it. It is a bit too prolonged. What is an attempt at looking ‘mature and classy’ turns out to be a nothing beyond ‘excessively cheesy’. Maybe BioWare could have gone to the fading black screen a bit earlier on these.

In fact, you would be hard pressed to call them ‘sec scenes’ and on a whole are poorly done. You can just pass them over without needing any major breaks from your gaming session. Watch the three and decide if BioWare improved on Dragon Age in this aspect!

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